Globe and mail horoscope for february 7 2020

Degrees midway between solstices and equinoxes are considered nearly as powerful as the degrees when the seasons change, a phenomenon that occurs worldwide. Venus may add a sweet flavor to this Mercury Retrograde cycle, since she breezed by Mercury and blew him a kiss on October 30, about 18 hours before he turned tail. During this period, Mercury is in series of three favorable connections to three slower planets.

Meanwhile, Saturn is traveling in a sextile with Neptune in the sign it rules, Pisces. Note how close these three dates are to the dates of the Mercury-Saturn sextile. These four planets form a wonderful triangle composed of two sextiles joined together into a trine. Essentially, Saturn and Pluto are midway between Mercury and Neptune.

A trine brings benefits automatically and sextiles give the most assistance when we put in some effort. You may need to shift some resources around to achieve your objective. Neptune in Pisces is as watery as it gets — the god of the oceans in the sign of the fishes! It can fool you. Your imagination or fears may run away with you. Luckily, the harmonious emphasis on the powerful planets in Capricorn intervening between the two planets in Water signs should keep us from going adrift.

About that Nov.

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The Sun and Mercury cross paths on the 11th, marking the half-way point of Mercury Retrograde. Our thinking, communications and decisions are likely to be focused on finances. The markets will be open on Veterans Day. Full Moons frequently signal a peak. This is a time to adhere to your values and appreciate the worth of what you hold dear, taking steps to protect it. Grand Trines and Kites are some of the best kinds of planetary formations. This arrangement looks like the top of a kite.

The repeating degrees shift from one groove to the next, dropping down about 11 degrees lower in the zodiac than where they were a year before.

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Such an emphasis extends the usual time frame for the influence of a New or Full Moon. A plain vanilla New Moon impacts the following four-week lunar cycle. We feel the effects of an ordinary Full Moon for about a week centered on the date of the Full Moon. The groove degrees receive attention for six months.

Eclipses are more powerful and long-lasting versions of New or Full Moons. From October through March , all the New Moons are at degrees of whatever the current Sun-sign is, while the Full Moons are all at degrees of whatever sign is opposite the current Sun-sign. Check your natal chart for anything affected by these grooves.

And you might have multiple planets in your chart affecting you at once, which would mean the natal aspects between them are being triggered. The repeating New Moon degrees signal a six-month period to expect or initiate something new in the area of your life related to the affected planet s. The Full Moon groove gives you six months for a blossoming or culmination in the areas of your life related to your affected natal planet s. Will this season be his last? From his chart, I think so.

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  • What more could he want? He loves to play. No one wants to quit what they love. His Saturn is at 19 degrees of Leo, receiving the Full Moon groove, a sign for finishing something. There is a chance that injury or illness will take Brady off the field first.

    I say this because he has other chart factors in the neighborhood of 19 degrees receiving the Full Moon groove. His Ascendant, which begins the First House of health and bodily matters, is almost 18 degrees of Libra and his Vertex associated with accidents and run-ins is at 18 degrees of Taurus in his Eighth House, representing transformation and possibly destruction. This planet and sign together rule feet and the immune system, either of which could be problematic. Neptune is forming two Finger of God triangles with his Ascendant, one with Saturn, the other with the Vertex.

    This type of configuration indicates something strange leading to something else weird and finally turning out okay.

    Feb. 7: Your daily horoscope

    He also has his North Node at his Ascendant. This means a life lesson is to focus on himself, his body and his health. Is something new brewing for him? Brady has no planets at 4 or 5 degrees receiving the New Moon groove. The closest is his Moon at 6 degrees of Aries in his Sixth House, a position related to employment and service.

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    The Moon rules his Tenth House of career. The dispositor ruler of the sign placement for his Moon is his Mars in Gemini, a sign of communications. My best guess is he goes into sports broadcasting and possibly as soon as next spring. Time for new work. At this time of year, the Sun moves through Virgo. Hence the Harvest Moon. This year, it coincides with Friday, the 13th. OK, to be technical, in the Eastern time zone, the exact full moon is after midnight AM on the 14th.

    Close enough. The astrological significance of Friday the Thirteenth stems from Friday being the day in honor of Venus and Thirteen being a number associated with Venus. Mercury is in Libra until October 3, Venus until the 8th. Its third and final flare-up is Sept. This has magnified confusion and put a spotlight on trust issues. Neptune is moving through the sign it rules, too: Pisces, together highlighting compassion or the lack thereof.

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    Sometimes there are news stories where these themes converge. An example would be hurricane victims related to Neptune, ruler of the downtrodden trying to cross an international border Jupiter for their very survival Mars. The Pisces Moon inclines us to rely on instincts and impressions, while the Virgo Sun gives a preference for critical analysis and facts.

    Uranus is also related to technological matters, which might either pose a risk or be a saving grace. This pattern may show you your unique way Uranus to do your spiritual Pisces work Virgo. Scorpio is a good sign for letting go, turning the page and moving on. This connection usually brings some unexpected doozies so keep your seatbelts fastened. Electrical problems or storms with associated power outages are a strong possibility; have those extra batteries ready.

    Trump will encounter a stroke of good luck throughout the month; his judgment and sense of timing are excellent. The Democrats will not have a win over Trump in November. Boris Johnson With Mercury negotiations in retrograde delays until the 20th, Brexit will cause Johnson a certain amount of frustration. Fortunately, Johnson has many strong planetary aspects around him than may save his bacon in November. With Uranus change forming a strong relationship with his natal Saturn stability he will become more responsive to actual situations and conditions rather than his rigid image of them.

    His negotiation skills will be compatible with those he negotiates with. His increased flexibility and responsiveness develop rather easily for him during the month and consequently this will be a positive time for achievement.

    Because he will be less rigid and dogmatic in his approach, he will be able to work more effectively with people or organisations that he has had difficulty with before. This is a confident month for Boris Gemini and a good time to focus energy on resolving belated Brexit problems and gaining a better mutual respect.

    Higher-ranking State Police officers ordered troopers to skip overtime shifts, court filing says

    This is also an advantageous time for business relations and any interaction with government agencies and organisations. Progress can be made more easily now since there is less bureaucratic inefficiency and more responsiveness to the immediate needs and concerns that require attention. The United Kingdom faces an enormous economic directional change in With a strong Mars courage constructively connecting with his natal Jupiter prosperity during November, his creativity, organisation, personal pride and authority will be multiplied.

    Morrison will have a compounded desire to communicate, study and exchange ideas with the community. Short trips, meetings and encounters with farmers, groups and corporate heads will be successful. This will be one of Morrison's more favourable months for negotiations, business, finance and employment figures.

    With Mercury communications in Scorpio determination he will achieve greater professional stability with State leaders and alleviate bitterness from the past that has caused tension, disagreements and delays. With the Sun leadership entering Scorpio finances , government infrastructure plans and programs to alleviate many drought and water issues will be seen.

    Although the dates 3rd, 4th, 5th, 13th, 24th and 25th may cause Morrison some frustration, he can expect overall a successful month of achievement. According these states' horoscopes, they have overspent and created considerable financial debt. However, Morrison will outlive the present state premiers in their next elections and rectification will be seen in the long term.

    GENERAL Although November will see some difficult planetary aspects challenging the world and particularly Australia, there are also many good aspects associated with the month. From the 8th the Sun energy forms a delightful aspect with Neptune ideals and most people around the globe will be reaching a clearer idea of where they are going in their life and endeavouring to gain more satisfaction with their everyday activities. With low bank interest rates, real estate should gain strong momentum for buying and selling over the next four months. November is an ideal month for home improvements, making repairs, remodelling, purchasing household items.

    A month of personal elevation and social status for many. Weather conditions over the next three months for the southern hemisphere should gradually break some drought area conditions as we move towards Weather rain patterns for November will be intermittent with heaver showers and some thunderstorms predicted from 20th onward, when Mercury movement moves into a direct motion and Mars action transits into the fertile water sign of Scorpio first time since December The total average was This made the 30th wettest year on record.

    Farmers over this past 12 months have done it terribly hard and many have sold their cattle and walked off their properties. However, their prayers will soon be answered as the weather cycles are predicted to slowly change for the better from November onward. Northern Hemisphere residents can stand by for an early drop in temperatures, blizzards, snow falls, some floods and cyclonic conditions and heavy seas, for November.

    With Mars action forming a crash relationship with Neptune entertainment , November is also set for worrying month for media, film, television and theatrical budgets for ; promotional and advertising schemes are predicted to encounter a financial revamp. The planetary influences this month will also entice new interests and major changes in artistic ventures, galleries, music and recording companies, proposed changes, amalgamations or sales of radio stations, networks, live theatre, advertising companies, new social media regulations, fun and amusement parks, sporting fixtures, publishing houses, magazines and periodicals.

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