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All rights reserved. Best viewed at a Screen Width of pixels and over, on almost all platforms. This will save you some time and money as well as energy of doing everything yourself. Enjoy the holidays either way and make time for yourself. Taking care of business, issues and people at work will be very important. Once your issues are dealt with, you will be able to enjoy your family for the holidays. Make sure that you spend time with family and appreciate everything that your family has done for you. Travel plans seem to be in your future, or at the very least you are trying to convince yourself whether or not you can afford to take a trip during this holiday season.

Work seems to improve and you will finally feel as if you are a valued member of the team. This is a good way to make yourself feel more confident in many issues in which you have had concerns. You are strong and determined and those attributes will help you find your way through many decisions.

You know their minds are on the holidays and not particularly concentrating on new projects and budgets. Be sure home life is running smoothly; disagreements may make you confused. You are trying to make everyone else happy and it seems as if no one is thinking of you. Discussions should be encouraged. Everyone can be a little more anxious or upset during all the preparations for the holidays.

Good luck will come to you from unexpected sources. There is a feeling of responsibility and dependability and then you feel as if you just want to have fun and be carefree. Work is going well although there is a lot of hard work ahead of you, but you can certainly handle it well. The issue is that you want to do a good job, but are getting tired of all the responsibility without getting any of the recognition for a job well done.

You are just working too hard and not taking care of your health. Take breaks during lunch time so you can become refreshed and will be able to tackle the job ahead of you with new enthusiasm. You may be your own worst enemy at this time as well. Do what you can and let other things go. Self-confidence issues may arise. Deal with smaller issues and everything will fall into place.

Holidays plans may change, but it seems as if you are okay with them. Let things just flow the way they will and you will be fine. Keep smiling! You will be very sensitive now so just be aware of that so you are not surprised when something someone said really hurts you in some way.


You are also taking on too many responsibilities and obligations which make you overwhelmed and tired. Keep everything on an even keel so that when unanticipated events happen, you can get right back onto your path and move forward. There is so much going on in your mind. You have to figure out what is the most important issue and do something positive to resolve it. Many thoughts are leaning towards secrets and keeping things to yourself. There are many self-help books to choose from at your local library, so why not look through them.

You may find something that feels right to you. You need to chill a bit and decide on which type of holiday you want. Do you want to be with all of your family or friends or only a few close family members or friends? You deserve some time alone to do whatever makes you happy or to be with the one person that means everything to you.

You are finding yourself and what makes you tick. Are you being your own worst enemy again? You may feel a bit overwhelmed or depressed as the holidays progress, so get out of that frame of mind now so you can be happy and ready to share the fun season with your family and friends. You are making more decisions about yourself and what you want to do now. Getting your home ready for the holidays is a big task, but if you do a little each day or every weekend, it will flow nicely and you will get everything prepared and done the way you want to.

You seem to come home from work exhausted every day so why not fit some time into your schedule for the gym or doing exercises at home or perhaps even make some time to meditate or just plain relax in front of the TV. Be careful with finances. It seems as if you may not realize how much you are spending or you may take a serious risk on some investments, so make sure you look at all the options and get professional advice before jeopardizing your financial security.

Be careful about overspending during this holiday season. You feel you have enough saved to do the shopping you want; however, be to you stay within your budget. You seem to be tempted to spend more than you usually do for those you love. Buy what you need, not what you want and you will have more than enough for the holidays and into the New Year. You never know, a friend may even ask to borrow some money, so be prepared for that eventuality. Winter is a time when the earth is in hibernation.

The chi rests. Plants rest, trees rest and of course we rest and try to take it easy. The weather gets colder and snow blankets the earth and all looks peaceful and beautiful from the inside of our home. We may have time to read that book that has been sitting on the shelf for a few months because we were so busy with our autumn yard clean up, etc. Adult education classes are over until February, so this is a time to decorate the house, enjoy your family, read, play board games, write holiday shopping lists, battle the crowds in the stores for holiday shopping and generally enjoying the indoors.

You want to be safe in the snow and iced-filled streets. Be sure to get that oil change to make sure the engine runs smoothly too. Here are a few ways to bring in positive energy into your yard and home for the holidays. Holiday lights: Nothing brings guests better than Christmas light displays during the holidays. This also lets others think you are home when you may be off holiday shopping or visiting family, friends or neighbors. If you are a baker, bake all the great cookies and breads you usually do for the holidays. Nothing invites family, friends and neighbors in general to come into your home more than freshly baked items with those wonderful aromas filling your home and seeping through your doors or windows.

Do you need to bake so many cookies? How many can we eat? After the holidays, I get to throw a good deal of them out to my squirrels which live on my property and they thank me.

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Another choice, of course, is to freeze what you can. Have all of your shopping and wrapping done early. You can buy presents all year long and wait until after Thanksgiving for larger items or items that you want to make sure you can return. Decorate the house at different times. You can put up the tree one night and then put up window and yard decorations over the next few days. Write holiday cards when you have a few spare minutes throughout the fall. Many people put names and addresses on stick-on labels. I handwrite all my envelopes and messages inside each card rather than writing a longer typed Christmas-gram.

I have received many comments on my original notes and how refreshing they were. Clean up can be done tomorrow or after your guests have gone. Some people actually pitch in and clean up as they go. If this is all right with you, by all means, accept the help. Or throw a load of dishes and glasses in the dishwasher, go to bed and rest so you can face the mess ahead of you in the light of day with a strong cup of coffee or tea in your hand! Do simple things to help your party run smoother.

Prepare the coffee maker and supplies ahead of time so that when it is time for your guests to have coffee or tea, all you have to do is show them where it is. Put the milk pitcher in the refrigerator filled with cold water so it will be kept colder for a longer period of time after serving. Make sure your table linens are clean. Check them at least a week before your party and clean what needs to be washed or sent to the dry cleaners. Have holiday music playing in the background, but be sure it is relaxing music so that all conversations can be heard easily.

If this is a pot luck dinner, prepare a menu so you can tell everyone what they could bring to your home. Tell them how many guests you are expecting.

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You do not need to put out every holiday decoration you have. As the children leave the nest, you can put up a modest yet tasteful display of decorations. The holidays are for us to relax and enjoy the season, not stress over all the decorations, where to move the furniture until after the holidays and rush out to get the biggest live Christmas tree you can find.

An artificial tree can be purchased after the holidays for very reasonable prices and they look good for at least ten years if cared for properly. Be sure the furnace is in perfect operating condition so your heating bills will be reasonable and your family will be safe.

If you have a fireplace, be sure to have enough wood stored in a dry space so it can be used whenever you need a fire.

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Be sure the fireplace has been cleaned, if needed. Every other year would be a good starting point to have it cleaned out or checked. Put light timers on in several rooms so that they come on automatically when you are not home. The darkness of night comes quickly in the winter, so for safety, make sure it looks as if someone is home. Place your heat on a timer too so that you are not wasting precious fuel when it is not needed.

Is your roof in need of repair? Keep an extra entrance way runner handy so that excess mud, water or snow can be wiped off easily from shoes or boots before coming into your home. If it works for you, do shopping in bulk so that you have fewer trips to the store in bad weather and have plenty of items on hand in case of an unexpected snow storm. This is a great time to clean out attics and basements during the bad weather.

Until the weather breaks, you might as well be productive. Go through your clothes, towels, bed linens and tablecloths and see which ones you no longer need, like or use. You can put them in a big bag or box for a springtime garage sale or you can simply donate them to your church or temple. Clean out your makeup drawer! Once mascara is opened, it can only be used for three months until bacteria forms inside the tube. If creams smell bad, toss them. There is a certain shelf life on cosmetics, so check them carefully. Otherwise, you are storing items that are unusable or bad.

When putting away holiday decorations, do one area of your home at a time. Put tree decorations together, the manger and figurines in another box and all of your window and room decorations in another. Label each box with a big black magic marker or Sharpie pen. Rubbermaid makes lovely large containers which seal out moisture, so perhaps investing in a few of them will help make the storing of your decorations easier.

You can color code the boxes for certain items. Read; there is no time like winter to curl up in front of a fireplace or in a cozy chair and read. Spend more time with family and friends. Have a few cocktail parties or get-togethers with finger foods. We played for hours and had fun — both with the kids and adults. It also got us talking a lot more to each other and laughing way too much!

Catch up on sewing, crocheting or knitting projects while watching TV or listening to the radio or CD. My planned hobby for this winter is quilting! That should take up a lot of time.

Sell your old treasures or precious junk on eBay. Just read through the site and you will see how easy it truly is. If I can do it, so can you. These are some of the suggestions I have for the winter season. Good luck and enjoy the snow! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all. I hope you are lucky enough to enjoy the holidays with loved ones and good friends. Spending money for the holidays is just the beginning. Your generosity of spirit is magnetic and extends to your friends who will expect an extra special gift.

You may over spend on those you love. Career opportunities are plentiful and you are probably considering changing jobs or parts of your job that will bring you more attention, more income or where you will use your intellect. Things are getting boring. Your attention is not on work at this time, but in planning all the wonderful shopping, parties, travel and fun you hope to have during this month. Your practical side comes into play where you realize you need more rest and must limit your help to others who are always taking advantage of your kind nature.

All in all, you are on the go, having fun, and connecting with friends and family who love your company. Holiday travel seems important; however, make sure your travel plans are solid before venturing to your holiday destinations. Family conflicts may arise and seem unimportant to you, but the issues are important to others. If you keep a cool head and compromise where appropriate, things should run quite smoothly.

Change is good even though you may not feel it at the present time. If you find yourself in unexpected circumstances, just know that you are being guided on a different path. You may not wish to travel on this path; however, it would be in your best interest to at least look at the wonderful changes around you and the opportunities it will bring for future happiness, prosperity and good health.

Home life tends to get somewhat stressful as you try to plan the perfect holiday party. Balance issues between your workload in your career and the responsibilities of your family weigh you down.

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Is it up to you to handle everything? Miscommunication is prevalent this month so be clear about your intent or what you are asking others to do for you. Repeat things so that you are on the same page as well. You also get annoyed when people question where your time is spent and that you may be able to organize your life better. You do more than most of the other signs and you would like to be acknowledged for that, but just be happy that you are able to run your life the way you want to or else, you just pick up and find happiness elsewhere.

CANCER — June 20 — July 21 Love life and family seems to bring you much happiness and joy, even though you are handling too much of the responsibility. New beginnings in the home, perhaps redecorating or some much needed repair projects, help you focus on your goals for the future. You may be starting over or feel as if you need the changes that are being thrust upon you. Make buying presents a special family occasion. Even though you may feel that change is unsettling, it will be a positive experience, so go with the flow. Even though you may want to stay home this holiday season, be a bit flexible if your partner wants to travel to visit family.

Staying home means you have to cook and entertain; however, it also makes you feel comfortable to be in your own home to do whatever you want to. Using your intellect to make decisions rather than emotional ones will help you choose the better option. It is important for you to entertain your family and friends, but be mindful of your health. Take enough time for yourself and let others give you a hand in the kitchen or with the preparations. This is a good time to rejuvenate, relax and do whatever you feel is important for yourself and your happiness. It is a time to help others get more organized and as usual, you help others with their challenges and issues and are always going the extra mile.

This is also a time where you will take on the responsibility of a family issue. You have done your best and sometimes things just have to work themselves out. Arguing is probable if you let yourself get caught up in the politics of an issue. Be aware of the explosive energy surrounding you and do your best to diffuse all negative situations. Holidays are always stressful, so if you are more relaxed and plan well in advance, your holidays will run quite smoothly. Getting your list and checking it twice is a great way for a Virgo to start their holiday shopping. Try not to take life so seriously now as it is supposed to be fun.

If there are any issues that you do not agree with, let them go for now and deal with them after the holidays. Situations with personal and business partnerships may be confusing and upsetting at times, so be prepared to stand your ground and give your frank opinion in a tactful manner. Career may be changing in many ways and it would be helpful for you to know in which direction you would like to proceed. Do you want your own home-based business?

If so, go for it now as the energy around you is positive and open to so many wonderful possibilities to accomplish your future goals and dreams.


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Spending money for beautiful things is a constant in your life; however, it may be time to ask your partner if he or she agrees with your gift choices. Ask for his or her opinions of gifts for the family and your closest friends. Consulting a partner on financial choices or where you spend the family riches will allow you to spend more freely.

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  5. Much good energy is around you so plan what steps you would like to take to accomplish some dreams and goals. Your personality shifts to being more self-confident with less issues regarding insecurities and anxieties. This is the time for you to accomplish what needs to be done. Career, travel and spiritual pursuits all seem to become important at the same time so be prepared to be scattered and yet, you will be having the time of your life exploring all the possibilities around you.

    Be prepared to double-check your travel plans as it seems as if there is a glitch that hinders you. This does not mean that you should not travel, but it seems to be a time where extra planning and alternative plans will keep everyone calm and in control of their holidays! You just need some relaxation and down time, and family time for your own enjoyment and wellbeing.

    Many times, the things that change can be more fun than our original plans. Have a wonderful time. You may be on different wavelengths so try to find common ground. Home life may be a bit too hectic for your taste and you may try to go out or not deal with specific issues. They will not go away, so deal with them directly. A good outcome will result from any effort you put into making positive changes in work, formal education, long-distance travel and finances, so start thinking about which areas of life you would like to change and start making a few small changes throughout the season.

    New friends and associations help propel your career through this holiday season. Networking becomes effortless as you meet many more people through new clubs, memberships and organizations. Deal with each area of life separately and complete any unfinished projects or endeavors. Being organized for the upcoming year will help you get a jump on your goals. Lists will help you with this organization and will help you focus on your priority issues.

    Go out and have some fun. Accept holiday party invitations and do some of the entertaining yourself. You will feel very relaxed and others will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Spirituality is more important as you unfold the meaning of your traditional beliefs. This is a good time to think about what you want to do in the future, perhaps in a creative field or perhaps to take creative classes you never had the time to take in the past.

    What a wonderful time for you to look into new cultures and traditions. You may wish to kick back and unwind during the holidays and not have the traditional holiday meals or parties with your family. You may wish to keep a day for yourself where you could organize your home, entertain other family members or friends or just relax and watch the blinking lights on the Christmas tree or other holiday decorations. Energy abounds and you wish to accomplish so much. You can do anything you need to do at this time, but limit yourself to a few tasks per day so you can re-energize and continue on the fast track that you have been living on for the last year.

    The holidays will be exciting and fun because you have planned so much to do. Loved ones would be adaptable enough when unexpected circumstances change your plans at the last minute. These changes may be better than your original plans. If circumstances seem confusing or dramatic, this is the best time to take that energy and turn it into a positive result.

    This seems like a bi-polar month. The negativity around you is disappearing and you need to reinforce the positive energy that you know is protecting and guiding you to do the right thing. Love issues may be a tender spot, so understand what the issue is and then do something to resolve it. Using your mental agility will help you to optimistically deal with any concerns that come your way. Career issues may be pushed to the foreground and some very important decisions about your future will need to be made.

    Be sure you have all the facts before jumping to conclusions that may be incorrect. If you need to make adjustments to goals, now is the time to make them. Vikki Anderson has been a metaphysical teacher, author and lec turer for over 47 years. She may be contacted at to make an appointment for a telephone reading in tarot and astrology or an in-person Feng Shui consultation.

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