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The Astrologer, the Counsellor and the Priest. Chippenham: Antony Rowe Ltd. De Haan, E. Earley, J. Larkspur, Pattern System Books. Main, R Hove: Brunner-Routledge. Leo is lucky — Leo is fire. Consider the story of Simba — a rambunctious lion club full of himself and his future.

He will be King of the Pride Lands one day! However his unchecked enthusiasm for adventure makes him easy prey for his jealous, cunningly evil uncle. Simba has come full circle with regards to his fiery energy. Simba may have too much fire in his chart or — more likely — none at all. We can only tell the difference by the way he behaves.

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When You Don’t Identify with Parts of Your Natal Chart

Accordingly to Liz Greene , a missing element is like a wild animal that can never be domesticated. It can be either a powerful friend or enemy. Simba seems to have the same problem. His easy passion for life turns to tears and his sense of destiny deserts him in his hour of need. He looses faith in life and himself. Fire is naturally extremely dangerous even at the best of times.

But as Liz suggests, those of us who lack it must still deal with it — albeit not directly. With help from others, Simba was able to reconnect with fire in a more healthy way through his emotions water and reason air. No doubt it was also helped by the responsibility earth thrust upon him by his position as once and future Lion King. In large part this is true.

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Whether through religion or philosophy, when you see how you fit into the bigger picture, then all else falls into place. The combination of the gods and enlightenment is admittedly, intriguing. Beware of a certain amount of egotism, however — but when its channelled towards helping the community at large, its forgivable if not outright charming. Jupiter in Taurus — you need your feet planted firmly on the ground for you are constrained to work within the framework of the material world. Thus you will likely take a practical approach to religion. Beware of fanaticism, however, for you may be prone to tenaciously held beliefs.

Beware of holding superficial beliefs. By nature Gemini has a penchant for novelty and change. Jupiter in Cancer — you connect with the divine through your emotions — by holding together a community or family. Your path is to find unity and group solidarity in all you say and do. Beware of meddlesomeness under the guise of trying to be helpful. This is best achieved through helping others — for the hearth-flame of which Leo is a symbol burns ever brighter the more it is stoked.

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Broader outlines and ambitious plans are more your cup of tea. Jupiter in Virgo — religious feelings may be reduced to a sense of duty and you may feel you shoulder too much responsibility in the wake. However uncomfortable this is, know it is here that your spiritual path lies.

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  • For it is through relief work and service to others that you find your true calling. Jupiter in Libra — broaden your spiritual horizons through making ever more contacts and friends. Your sense of justice is strong. Fairness implies the weighing of scales. This provides you with precious insight into the meaning of life.

    The ninth house is tuned into the Discovery channel for its geographical nature and broad topics ruling the place of intellectual inquiry. The diversity of life is shown here and all cultures have many different foods, different ideas, literature, fresh perspectives, and more enlightened ways of living, along with their own set of morals and beliefs. Jupiter governs the doors to our perceptions and takes us to high, wide and far places around the globe, mentally, spiritually or physically.

    Churches, atlases, travel guides, and maps of continents anything that takes us further out is all ruled by Jupiter. Many Jupiter people can become influenced by all diverse parts around the world through expanding their horizons and it is reflected in their clothing; their style; the books they read, and their religion. Jupiter, ninth house and Sagittarius people are the most colorful of the zodiac, connecting universal ideas, using their intuitive sense, and natural insights.

    The enjoyment of a magnificent sense of awe and wonder like standing on a large mountaintop and suddenly connecting ourselves with a something more, and also standing on the threshold of a journey.

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    The archetypal energy of Jupiter, the 9th house, and Sagittarius is restless — always aiming its arrow towards its destination. However, as is the case with every journey it is about the back roads, the stumbles and the hurdles along the path that teaches us the experience of life, and the excitement of not knowing what is around the corner. We discover our answers almost accidentally as we move towards our target. The Jupiter, ninth house and Sagittarius are where we embark on the quest, journey, and pursuit for answers. It is important to know that our life can be good, possess value, and there can be happiness and that we can engage with life in a positive way.

    Many Jupiterians are eternal travelers, never satisfied, always searching for something more. Many Jupiter people are teachers, philosophers, publishers, the kind of people that increase our consciousness, illuminate our minds, involving the highly educative experience. The Jupiter experience comprises the fight against evil, chaos, and the ability to use our moral judgment. Moreover, there is also the belief that whatever happens in life is meant to be.

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    The Jupiter-type can find meaning in all kinds of events; everything is part of a purposeful pattern. This can come across in some of your far-fetched interpretations for why things happen the way they do. The Enlightenment philosopher Voltaire Sagittarius satirized this unabashed optimism in his masterpiece Candice -which chronicles the misadventures of its hero whose experience of violence, rape, disaster, and tragedy is matched only by the ridiculous extent to which he will go to find the thinnest lining in the darkest cloud -even if he has to make it up.

    Jupiter, ninth house and Sagittarius people will sometimes have problems explaining what is intuited through the use of rational language; it can be difficult when one is guided more by perception and insight, and some Jupiter people think they are chosen vessels here to spread the word of God.