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Earth can release the power of fire. Scott fitzgerald, jim henson, phil hartman, will smith, catherine zeta-jones, heather locklear, mark hamill, christopher reeve, michael douglas, barbara walters, william faulkner. Looking for interpretations for other aspects. Expect helpful people and things to generally go your way this month, dragons. You may be sidelined at the airport for a long time.

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Horoscopes may be for entertainment purposes but they can also help you improve your relationship. By the way You haters might want to know It didn't cost me a penny for all of Bethea's help. But any way The People that do support Bethea and everything she does I am giving free ebooks away to you all.

I Love Bethea and as a show of Faith and to thank her I'm giving her clients free ebooks to help them through there life so if you Email me at Bobbiesdailydeals hotmail. I will keep you all posted on How things are going. Love and Light to you all.

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Don't let negative people tell you things that are not true. Bethea is a very helpful person in my life will continue to correspond with her until I am shown other wise but until then Thank You Bethea.

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Thank You all for your time hope this helps you all. I used their services just once and I purchased the trial of their product just once and it was about two month ago. Week ago I received package with samples which I never ordered and I was overcharged for it without my permission. I tried to contact their support service but I just found that this company provides fake information and I was unable to contact them.

Beware and better stay away from them! I receive an email everyday with a promotion item to purchase that will bring me good luck. I purchase the items I like is they are a good value and I have interest.

Each month I have noticed items are charged authorization from my debit card. I just see it happen again, I contacted the office for help and got an answering machine - I got a fast email back but another item was authorized early as a response.

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There goes more bank fees, as Im writing this , I am getting texts from friends at home of financial surprises they are getting hit with today which hits me. I went for help and it turned me financially upside down.

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Co Bummed. I have been calling Bethea Jenners phone number for weeks leaving my phone number on her answering machine. There has to this day been no call backs to me! I'm trying to return an item that I do not want before I am charged I have no other choice but to cancel my debit card!! Sounds real scammy to me! Not at all a professional answering service Miss Bethea customer assistant is very arrogant and rude during the last three payment she gave me the worst customer service I've ever experienced in my life. I was kind to her and polite but she treated me with so much disrespect after I asked her politely to please have patience with me during the conversation.

She ever hung up on me. I feel like I didn't deserve that at all and really think it makes miss Bethea business look bad when u have a person working for u that can't display proper customer service as specially as assistant of all positional titles. I m not a person that go on these sites and complain but I don't want shop or receive help from this lady again because of the lack of customer service and disrespectful attitude towards me from her assistant.

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When I would write her and ask why, I was giving het benefit of all my growing doubts! I cannot afford to be scammed by a online Con Artist using "Scare" tactics to get money from Senior Citizens! That is against the law in my State. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and to show you personalised advertising.

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This psychic scam has raked in over $200 million

Chris DiNunno. Terrible experience!

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Mary Grace Wolfe. Online scam ok I recently ordered a pendant from Bethea, after reading these posts I am somewhat concern. I got dooped. Early Charges on my Account I receive an email everyday with a promotion item to purchase that will bring me good luck. Miss Bethea customer service assistant Miss Bethea customer assistant is very arrogant and rude during the last three payment she gave me the worst customer service I've ever experienced in my life. Kiwi Travel - Disgusted Kiwi, never again communication dreadful, booked what we Tripoyo tours cheque is bounced back Dear All, Earlier I Morya placement service landewadi bhosari pune - fraud placement consultancy fraud consultancy.

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