Zoran radosavljevic astrology

zoran radosavljevic astrology

Atmakaraka Mangal is in neecha in 12th house deepest debilitation degree , and in Mangal mahadasha she. The person is a businessman, while in Venus mahadasha he has to work very hard, facing with a great difficulties and troubles in professional life, while at the same time started to fast, changed his attitudes and has taken life more seriously admitting its spiritual dimension. It is worth mentioning that Venus has given excellent professional growth, yet coupled with immense difficulties sometimes.

It is my own observation that natural benefic Atmakaraka tends to punish in a milder way, comparing to natural malefic Atmakaraka. However, due to her humble and chaste character she is dealing with troubles well. She has developed utmost patience and servitude in her life. Atmakaraka Sun is well placed in 4th house along with Mercury with Neechabhanga. She is an instructor of meditation, while her troubles with property, and all 4th house significations started after the relatively premature death of her father. She has met various troubles from influential people in spiritual movement.

She is still unmarried sun is lord of Upapada. It is evident in all cases, that Atmakaraka has created disturbances in all matters signified by its placement. Thus, by no means will Atmakaraka improve the house significations in a standard way as will lord of Lagna for example The king of the chart has one single motive — to ward off the sins from previous birth, and to cleanse the person by giving suffering and pains, thereby setting the soul towards the higher planes. It is a state of a Graha, the way It feels, and consequently behaves.

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We can compare planets with people. On the other hand, if he feels hale and healthy, content or alert, his activities and impact on his surroundings would be positive and evolutionary. Sage Parasara dedicated the whole chapter to Avastha. He basically divided Avastha into four groups.

They are 5 in number. These Avastha are calculated on the bases of their position in a sign degree. Some authors opine differently, and it seems that only Satyacharya supports Parasara view. There is even a variation in Avastha names.

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Thus, a planet in a sign of great enemy is somewhere called adhidukhit or khal, while debilitation heen. I find this terms more appropriate, even though this is my own opinion. I also tend to include bheetavasta Avastha formed by a planet having a higher speed than usual and separate a planet placed in a great enemy sign from a planet placed in a debilitation sign, for the sake of convenience.

This is my own view, and may learned scholars correct me if I am wrong. The basic evaluation of these Avastha is as following: Up to deen Avastha, planets give positive results in the decreasing order. Other Avastha are negative. One can see that these effects are very specific, and in my own opinion should be supported with some other indications in a chart.

These Avastha are also very specific, and are calculated in a specific way too. Readers are requested to examine BPHS. There are 12 Avastha in this set, and a special sub state which would determine the manifestation of the Avastha.

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Parasara has given them a special attention, while explaining their effects. I will give their names only:. Sayana; 2. Upaveshan; 3. Netrapani; 4. Prakashan; 5.

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Gaman; 6. Agaman; 7. Sabh; 8.

Agam; 9. Bhojan; Nrityalipsa; Kautuk; Sage Satyacharya mentions a few interesting points regarding Avastha. While explaining deepthanadhi Avastha, he mentions a strength of a planet. Seemingly, he associates planetary Avastha with a planetary strength. One possible conclusion arises.

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If a planet is equipped with a six fold strength Shadbala the effects of an Avastha will be felt in full. For example if a planet is found in mritavasta, and if Shadbala is very high, then the effects of mritavasta will be felt in full. In case of a low Shadbala, the effect of the Avastha will be negligible. One question naturally imposes. What happens when a Graha is placed in both good and bad Avastha? My humble experience tells me that everything a Graha represents in a chart will be felt and manifested. In this Rasi chart, I shall consider Avastha of Venus. Planets 3. Houses ….

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