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When these two planets are friendly and acting as your advocate, as they will be in March, the end of August, mid-September, and the end of December, life is happy and sweet. However, when Saturn and Pluto want to teach us all a lesson, like on April 19 or October 27, it can be maddeningly frustrating with little recourse but to take on a fight with City Hall. Some astrologers worry that when Saturn and Pluto are together, danger of the rise of totalitarian dictatorship is strong in nations around the world.

Admittedly, that could be a concern. Often, planets will test our commitment to certain values, so this year, we may have to fight hard for our belief in democracy. Neptune, seeing this situation developing with Saturn and Pluto, will rush in and build agreement with these two, softening the effect. Saturn and Pluto will work beautifully with Neptune all year, for Saturn and Pluto will almost be joined together at the hip like Siamese twins.

When Neptune beams one planet so close to another, it is as though he is beaming them both, so what happens to one planet will happen to the other. Neptune is known to cleanse, bring creative thinking, and add a spiritual quality to all it touches. Thank goodness for Neptune, for without his care, Saturn and Pluto together can put up quite a united front of force, but Neptune will soften this aspect.

Last year, Saturn, the planet that stabilizes all it touches, worked closely with unpredictable Uranus, adding encouragement and backing for new scientific discoveries and technical, digital innovation. This year, Saturn will work with Neptune to help the arts flourish and add stability to them. One of the other biggest and most important features of will be the entry of Uranus in Taurus for the first time since to Taurus is a sign associated with money and wealth.

Uranus will remain in that sign for seven years, starting March 6, , until April 25, During this time, Uranus, planet of innovation that strikes like lightning, will bring new ways of globally dealing with all sorts of money. Bitcoin and encryption are only part of the story—Uranus rules sudden, unexpected developments and also electronic, scientific discoveries of all kinds.

We will have to wait to see what comes. Good-fortune planet Jupiter will be in the sign he loves and rules—Sagittarius. This means you will absorb the goodness of Jupiter in a natural way, easily, and that he will have a strong presence in your chart.

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Jupiter in fire-sign Sagittarius will be especially helpful if you are a Sagittarian, Aries, or Leo, or air-sign Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. Yet all signs will benefit—I am splitting hairs here. In Sagittarius, Jupiter will help the publishing and broadcasting industries and the entire international travel market as well, including airlines, cruise lines, and railroads. Often energy will ping across the skies in a straight line to signs degrees apart, for example, from Sagittarius to Gemini, the reason I say automotive may prosper.

This will give a turn of outstanding golden luck to the earth signs, especially to Capricorn, but also to Virgo and Taurus, as well as to the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces earth and water signs go together well.

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Capricorns have been particularly pressured, but their situation will move from dark and working too much to bright and happy once Jupiter comes knocking. For detailed information for your Sun sign and also your rising sign read for both , you may want the digital or paperback version of my book, The Year Ahead by Susan Miller for Kindle , now available on all international Amazon sites in your native country. Our theme is Women of the World, depicting women from many ethnicities. Make a freakin' vision board, or simply share with a trusted friend some of your goals, so you can actually visualize what you want or hear yourself say it all out loud.

This year is about opening your heart, working hard, and accepting that your life is worth living the way you have always dreamed of living it. Look forward to the new moon on May 15, which will be a particularly ideal time for growth and rebirth. Leo, sometimes you feel like you've been working as hard as you possibly can for as long as you can even remember.

Unfortunately, that probably won't let up too much while Saturn is ruling the sky for the next couple years. Just make sure that what you're working for is something you are percent invested in, because all that hard work is only worth it if you have, at the very least, a general clarity around what it is you're working toward. And once you do have clarity of purpose, banish doubt from the equation with daily affirmations.

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Enjoy yourself as you find out again and again that the process is the reward. And between July 25 and Aug. OK, nobody likes doing things that are hard or difficult, but that doesn't mean you can just not do them at all. Change can be particularly scary and hard for a Virgo, especially considering how darn critical of yourself and others you can be.

But Virgo, if it's time to quit your job, or move out of your apartment, or finally start up that exercise habit again because your muscles are aching, you just need to buckle down and freaking do it. Remember, Saturn in Capricorn is all about growing up, whether you feel like you're "ready" for that or not. Change is afoot, so remind yourself that these uncomfortable feelings are not going to last forever.

A little discomfort now might mean a lot of reward in the long run. Saturn is in your sign, baby, which is bringing everything and more to the surface for you.

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Get excited, Capricorn! This is a time of change, maturing, growth, lessons, fun, the whole nine yards. Keep in mind though, Saturn can't do it all for you, so you will need to rise to the occasion and do the damn thing. No one is going to put in the work for you to cultivate the career, the relationships, and the spiritual foundations you desire for a fulfilling life.

Saturn just left your sign, so you were pretty busy these last few years learning some difficult life lessons. Now, it's time to take what Saturn has taught you, and make some mindful decisions on how best to move forward. Maybe that seems daunting, but I believe in you, Sag. You've got this. From Nov. Keep your wits about you, and just stay put for a minute, OK? Pisces, dear, consider the relationships that really add positivity to your life. The new year isn't just a time to cleanse yourself of toxic connections although that's always a good idea ; it's also about strengthening and recognizing the kinds of relationships that support your overall well-being.

Saturn wants you to be as strong as you can be, from the inside out. When feelings of insecurity creep up, thank them for reminding you why you don't need them anymore. The coming year is simply asking you to consider how you spend your time and precious energy, Scorpio.

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This might just serve as a reminder that being with the people you love is more important than working those extra hours at the office. Finding justice in all matters is important to you. If you see two strangers arguing on the street, you will likely jump in to try to create peace between them. Many Libras grow up to be superb lawyers, labor negotiators, ambassadors, or diplomats—or marry a partner who works in one of these fields.

Libras are skilled matchmakers too, whether they are making an introduction, a love match, or one centered on mutual interests in business.

source link As is true with all air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius , you stay up-to-the-minute in style, and you love to debate each new design, piece of art, or beauty product that has come on the market. As is true with all air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius , you stay up to the minute with style, and you love to debate each new design, piece of art, or beauty product that has come on the market.

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Your manners are impeccable, you are diplomatic in all interactions, and you no doubt wonder why rudeness would even exist on our planet. In clothing, you love looking through the Internet to see what new pieces to order to add to your present wardrobe. Women Libras love soft colors—the colors of the rococo dining room, including soft blues, pale through rosy pink, white and cream, soft fabrics with shimmering gold threads, and outfits with beautiful handwork, such as embroidery, beading, or restrained, elegant transparency, lace, or ruffles. You prefer to buy fewer but more important pieces and accessories that you will love and that you will be able to wear more than one season or year.

Libra is symbolized by the scales, associated with the concept of blind justice, where questions of law are carefully weighed and balanced against the prevailing complex circumstances, but always done in a fair, slow deliberation to ensure equality to all. As a Libra, you expect fairness in all your relationships and matters, almost to an idealistic extreme. Libra is so fascinated by the law that many go to law school to become lawyers or prosecutors.