Astrology libra likes and dislikes

Libra's motto is "I balance," and the sign seeks harmony in all things, whether it is a relationship, music, or the colors in his or her environment. The seventh sign of the zodiac is also considered one of the most courteous astrological signs.

You hate chaos

Libra is an expert in social graces, and along with Gemini , Virgo , and Aquarius , favors intellectual discussions. Ruled by the planet Venus , Libra often craves the approval of others. Even more importantly, this sign needs to be needed, and one way of achieving this goal is to fit into to any social situation that arises.

Libra excels when it comes to making others feel comfortable. While this sign has many positive traits, one potential pitfall is the need to go through life with rose-colored glasses. Libra is naturally optimistic and will often look on the bright side of things, even when other factors say otherwise. Articulate and charming, Libra has a way with words and an ability to talk herself out of even the most difficult situations.

It also helps that Libra is a gracious winner, even going so far as to reassure those she has defeated. It's lovable traits like these that endears Libra to many. Libra is naturally drawn to subtle and moderate colors, and she favors pastels, ecrus and grays over intense primary colors and bright shades.

Libra Horoscope ♎ Libra Zodiac Sign Dates Compatibility, Traits and Personality

While it may take Libra a while to focus and hone in on what she wants to do, once she does, there is a very good chance of success. Libra is not a frugal sign, and she'll spend money to make money. On the flip side, those loose purse strings can get Libra into trouble as she does occasionally make extravagant and even careless purchases. Libra has the ability to see the big picture, and this often comes in handy when making key decisions.

When it comes to choosing a career , Libra should make good use of the sign's well-honed sense of analysis; Libra is able to look at a problem from every angle and quickly weigh the possible solutions. A skilled philosopher with the ability to think about intangible concepts, as well as things that are more concrete, Libra is often indispensable to coworkers and managers alike.

1. Plan outdoor trips.

A Libran knows how to strike a balance with an Aquarian. Light hearted attitude of Librans complements the spontaneous nature of Aquarians. Both are freedom lovers and they enjoy a lot in each other's company. However, the Aquarian tends to be a little dominating which is sometimes opposed vehemently by the Libran. Love between Aquarius and Libra. Love and romance prevail in abundance in their relationship.

Since they have numerous attributes in common, they get well along with each other.

Furthermore, both being intelligent and talented, indulge into intellectual conversation and appreciate each other's qualities. This is one contributing factor to their high compatibility quotient. Every element needed for establishing a healthy relationship is present in Aquarius and Libra. An Aquarius female is intensely attracted to the charming and cheerful personality of a Libra male. She is indeed lucky to have a Libra man as her partner because he is sensuous, romantic and understanding.

Her partner will always admire her intellect, physical appearance and affectionate nature. Similarly, an Aquarius man shall also experience joy and comfort in the company of his Libra partner. He will always remain fascinated by the dynamic personality of his Libra woman and this feeling shall endure their relationship forever. They will influence and encourage each other in professional life as well.

The Aquarius is extremely prudent in guiding the Libra who tends to be indecisive and insincere at times. They lead a happy and contended life as they are extremely compatible with each other. Another factor vital for sustaining a relationship is sex, and it is enjoyed passionately by both the zodiacs. Like the two facets of a coin, a relationship also has a positive and negative side.

The only negative aspect is, both are highly temperamental.

Personality Traits of a Libra

The Aquarius at times tries to dominate while the Libra exhibits extreme stubbornness. Problems crop up when both deny to compromise in certain circumstances. However, the conflict doesn't last too long because they have excellent ability to make intelligent judgment. I must mention that a Libra and an Aquarius have brilliant chemistry and they complement each other extremely well. They give space to each other and thereby, problems barely arise from negative emotions like over possessiveness and jealousy.

Sensible Virgo needs to feel they have control in their own lives. Their keen intelligence allows them to seek and maintain balance. Cluttered closets or garages filled with junk make them shudder in distaste. When it comes to sheer charm, Libra wins first prize. They enjoy spending time and money improving their appearance and love relaxing massages. Libras do their utmost to avoid obnoxious or rude people in any situation. Fixed sign Scorpios like loyal friends and lovers who can be trusted beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Scorpio especially dislikes fake personalities and people who would keep hurtful secrets from them. Adventurous Sagittarius loves their freedom and needs to express themselves as openly as possible. Cardinal Earth sign Capricorn enjoys the stability of success as well as the admiration that often comes with it. They like to proclaim their worldly success in a nonverbal way, but being inefficient and wasteful is a big no-no.

They desire to be different and dislike any sort of routine or uncharitable attitude toward the less fortunate.